Free Photo, Image, Editing Utility

Free Photo, Image, Editing Utility

Need a quick and very easy to use program to edit your photos or other digital images?  Forget all the gimmicky software that came with your digital camera, most people don’t use all the sophisticated options or can’t afford PaintShop Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, etc., and anyway, just want something really easy.

Plug your camera in, offload those images into your ‘My Pictures’ folder and start editing.




Look no further than Paint.Net (not to be confused with Windows Paint).

You will need to have Microsoft’s .NET framework installed on your PC for it to run over.

It’s been going for years but is so simple to use, just about anyone can fix up their photos with a few clicks.

With Paint.Net, you can do all the usual fast fixes: resize, brightness, contrast, gamma correction, crop, rotate, colour hue etc., and then save to different formats.

Completely Free!

Note there are older versions available for earlier versions of Windows.




Another option, is something like Google’s Picasa.  This is less edit functional than Paint.Net, but is simple to correct basic mistakes or enhance your images and also organises your photos into a common library, and showcases them.





Mac users, get iPhoto and OS X’s Preview which do simple fixes and edits, with iPhoto being similar to Picassa.  You have probably not even noticed how much you can adjust using the built-in Edit toolbar on image previews.  More can be done in iPhoto of course, but if you need more than that, you’ll need to pay for something more professional.





Gimp is another well used program in Linux/Unix communities.  It is similar to Paint.Net but is takes more fathoming out!