Site BLU001

Site BLU001

Site BLU001

This client’s business has grown massively in the last few years and a complete redesign of their website was required to match.  As the client evolves, so does the site.

From a few static pages a couple of years ago, the site has grown up into a sophisticated and reactive HTML5 and CSS3 design making it accessible from many different devices.  There is a renewed corporate look and a more consistent feel.

Despite many pages, the complexity is hidden behind sensibly grouped drop-down menus.  The site also mirrors the honesty and good humour of the client and their hard working ethic.

HMTL5 Animated (no flash) image transitions make the site appealing to the end user on just about any desktop or portable device and the site also integrates with the client’s eBay shop.

Here are some some longer shots…

BLU001 Shot 1



Below is the full width events page with animated graphic overlays.

BLU001 Shot 2



There is a product portfolio which reorganises the items by category to make things easier to find.  There is then a full page about each of their own manufactured items with close-up slider images.

Product Showcase


Mobile LayoutThe reactive design automatically adjusts for different screen port sizes and here you can see the Mobile (vertical orientation) layout with the menu switching into a drop-down design.

The horizontally laid out elements now reposition in a vertical list, nothing is missing from the page, and it can be read easily even on a small mobile screen.

There is also a tablet sized layout (not pictured here).

“One site does plenty!”