Maintenance & Repairs

Preventative Maintenance

All computerised systems get bogged down over time and collect more and more rubbish.  We can run your computer through a service, perform scheduled health checks, ensure you have enough disk space, memory and speed to do what you need to, and check that components aren’t heading for a breakdown.

This way, like getting your car serviced, we can warn you in advance of anything that is beginning to show signs of wear so you can plan ahead and properly budget for your computer maintenance.  We check disk drives, memory, cooling fans, power supplies etc., and properly cleaning out the hardware, taking the necessary safe anti-static precautions, can help prolong the life of your computer and protect your original investment.

Maybe your computer is slowing down and the programs and old data need clearing and tidying up.  We have very effective software tools we use to do this job quickly.


Reactive Maintenance, Upgrades & Decommissioning

When something goes wrong, it is either ‘malware’, hardware, accidental damage or data corruption.  Hopefully you keep backups and if you don’t please start right away!  Many of these failures are recoverable as far as the machine goes, but software and data are the most vulnerable to damage or loss.

Hedgehogweb clears viruses and other malware, removes unnecessary programs and files, replaces faulty and damaged drives, memory and other parts where required.

We have a private workshop space near Poole and another near Dorchester where we can take your machine and rebuild it (provided the parts are still obtainable or we have recovered spares in stock).

We are able to upgrade most machines where needed and also completely clear down old machines and prepare them for recycling or donation to charitable causes.  We can safely destroy data in line with strict Data Protection policies so your valuable data will not be leaked to anyone else!